First installment (1995)

Mike Gauthier-Guitars
Jeff Johnston-Piano
David Gelfand-Bass
Claude Lavergne-Drums

1-New way of living
2-The affiliate MP3
4-Around every corner (I look for you)
5-Days and nights
6-Someting borrowed,something new
7-Is this dream
8-Monk funk
9-Times gone by
10-Santa Lucia
12-Georgia on my mind
Reflections in blue (2000)

Mike gauthier-Guitars
David Gelfand-Bass
Eric Harding-Piano
Jeff Simons-Drums

1-Blues for Grant
3-Why don't you believe me?
4-Galilee MP3
5-Like Larry
6-I've been a bad boy baby
7-Payback time
8-The devil made me do it
9-Stompin' at the Georgian
10-I'm singing the blues
Eye To Eye (2004)

Mike Gauthier-Guitars
Lorrie Goodman-Hammond B-3 organ
Kevin Sullivan-Drums

1-Sweet and lovely (Amhiem, Tobia, Lamarre)
2-If i knew then what i know now (Dirk Jurgens, Eddy Howard)
3-What four (Lawrence Goodman)
4-Snack time (Michael Gauthier)
5-aux Quai (Lawrence Goodman)
6-Chelsea bridge (Billy Strayhorn)
7-To the pointe (Lawrence Goodman)
8-Parallel (Lawrence Goodman)
9-Peel me a grape (David Frishberg)
10-A friend indeed (Michael Gauthier)
11-Sweet Lorraine (Parish, Burrel)
12-Meeting miss Nadine MP3 (Michael Gauthier)
13-Crackerjack / take 1 (Michael Gauthier)
14-Crackerjack / take 2 (Michael Gauthier)
15-I got a woman (Ray Charles)